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©2020, MPHR Consulting

©2020, MPHR Consulting

MPHR HR Consulting and Business Coaching

Human Resources Consulting and Coaching


HR Services for Start Ups

We understand start-ups and the unique challenges they face to get so many facets of their business up and running while keeping costs down.  At MPHR Consulting, we provide specialized expertise and knowledge crucial for startups to succeed in the ever changing and demanding small business world. Implementing the appropriate policies, procedures, and processes from the start can save many companies from making HR legal mistakes and provide long lasting cost savings from having a streamlined plan that can grow and expand with your company when you need it.  

Many new companies do not have the budget to hire a full time HR Manager/Director, MP HR Consulting offers part time/on-call HR leadership and HR Administrators and training, guidance and support for HR administrators and office managers on HR responsibilities to maintain many of the HR functions of a business. 

We look forward to working with you on your unique business needs, the list below is comprehensive but not limited to all services offered.

  • LinkedIn

Set up of Recruiting Functions/Department


  • Standardized Job Postings  

  • Internal Job Descriptions 

  • Applicant Tracking Systems  

    • Evaluate 

    • Project Management Implementation 

    • On-going compliance 

  • Recruiting Interview and Stationary Templates 

  • Recruiting process/procedures 

Set up of Human Resources (HR) Department


  • HR policies 

  • HR process/procedures 

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding - creating the culture your company needs to attract and retain employees, either electronic or paper processes 

  • HRIS/Payroll or Learning Systems

    • Evaluate​

    • Project Management Implementation

    • On-going Compliance

  • Electronic based filing system for HR files (to include personnel files)  

  • Benefits (guidance and set up for compliant programs) 

    • Traditional (Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, Paid Time Off) 

    • Other (Flexible Spending Accounts, Wellness, Leave of Absences, PTO Donation, Adoption, Pet Services) 

    • Expatriate Benefits (Medical Evacuations and Defense Base Act (DBA)

On-Going Services

  • Training HR or Office Administrator to do HR Functions

  • Conduct technical/expertise interviewing for Human Resources positions

  • Employee Relations 

  • Employment Law  

  • Compensation Program

    • Merit

    • Bonus

  • Performance Management 

  • Employee Recognition Program

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